Steven Paul


Steven first fell in love with photography while using his dad’s Canon AE-1 to capture memories at Expo ’86 in Vancouver, BC. Many years later, while pursuing a music degree in college, he took some film classes and that was it. Since then, he has continued to explore and imagine the possibilities in the art of film.

Steven worked as a musician, but it was soon evident he had an even greater visual talent. He dreamed of switching careers, but there was a huge obstacle that had to be overcome. For a period of two years, Steven lost his eyesight and was considered legally blind during that time. Fortunately, his sight eventually returned and, after two eye surgeries, he now has 20/15 vision.

Since 2009, when Steven started his photography studio, he has worked diligently to refine his skills. Working for a variety of companies, he has photographed shoes, makeup, products, and architecture.

Steven not only shoots still photography, but he is also an accomplished cinematographer. In 2016, new doors opened when he was hired as the DP (Director of Photography) for a feature length film. He is currently working on another film in Los Angeles and is negotiating to film a series of celebrity chefs.

In his free time, his two children are his pride and joy. He is an avid water skier and for the past seven years has donated his time and photographic skills to non-profit children’s organizations.

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