Steven first fell in love with photography while using his dad’s Canon AE-1 during Expo ’86 in Vancouver, BC. Many years later, while pursuing a music degree in college, took a film class. Since then, has continued to explore and imagine the possibilities as an artist working in photography.

Steven worked as a musician, while in the music business, it became evident my visual talent was greater. One thing kept me from switching careers.  For a period of two and a half years, my sight was lost due to cataracts.  Fortunately, after two eye surgeries to replace my natural lenses, my vision is now 20/15.

In 2009, I started a photography studio.  Initial focus was portraits and has grown to cinema (Director of Photography) work.    Diligently working to refine skills,  I’ve worked with a variety of companies photographing shoes, makeup, skirts, swim goggles, Coca Cola bottles, aircraft parts, and architecture.  In 2016, new doors opened when hired as DoP (Director of Photography) for a feature length film called “Clowns DC” and in 2017 DoP an Eric Roberts and Sofia Milos feature called “Fake News” filmed in Los Angeles.

Spending time with my kids and raising them to become productive people in society is important.  My favorite past time was being a competitive water skier.   For 12 years has donated time and photographic skills to non-profit children’s organizations called CEF.  This christian organization has given insight to raising my kids.  In 2018, shot a project with CEF in Africa and Asia.

Published by Steven Paul