Personal Projects

Keeping photography fresh is important. For me, personal projects need to expand how I think in two ways. First it needs to cause me to look at light uniquely and second needs to challenge me. Recently I’ve been enjoying simplicity by having clean peaceful images which don’t give the viewer any idea of it’s location…. Read more »

How do you stay fresh?

Since I have a job that most people would like to make their profession, I feel a continual need to learn.  If you’re not learning to seeing things uniquely, you’ll be left behind by the competition.  Sometimes I’ve wished to go back in time and tell myself to focus on lighting and composition instead of… Read more »

What do you photograph?

This is a question people ask in conversation when they first meet me at social events and at coffee shops. More times then not, before I answer the question people ask if I shoot family portraits or seniors. When given the chance to respond, they’re surprised there’s more types of photography then portraits and that… Read more »

Why do you love photography

Recently I’ve had the question asked, “Why do you love photography?” For me its pretty simple, I love to create unique things which are in my head.  It’s an outlet of sorts and a way to problem solve which I enjoy.   To illustrate this, here’s a behind-the-scense (bts) video of a snow ski equipment campaign shot in… Read more »

Welcoming the New

We’ve been around for awhile but we’ve been growing over the past several months which necessitated a name change from Steven Paul Photography to Steven Paul Studio.